Seniors Week plans to serve up a line of things to do for the “old and wise”

A SPECIAL luncheon will be served at the Third Age Club in Kirkland Avenue on Monday, October 10 to celebrate Seniors Week.
Euroa Health and the Third Age Club are organising this and other events during Seniors Week to celebrate the contribution of the “over 65s” to Euroa’s strong community life.
“We hope that a great many of Euroa and district’s older residents will book and come to the lunch,” Euroa Health coordinator, Heather Houston, said.
“Whether or not you consider yourself ‘old’ or just ‘wise’, we would love to see a large turnout for a great lunch and conversation.”
A two course meal will be prepared by Euroa Health hospitality staff, and Euroa Health chief executive officer Wayne Sullivan will speak about aged care services in the Euroa community.

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